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Welcome to Turbatus Hogwarts Fanfiction. These works of fiction will hopefully be based on the RPG of Turbatus Hogwarts, which is a Harry Potter-based RPG. ANY Harry Potter characters that appear in these works of short fiction are (c) J K Rowling and Warner Bros., and I hope they don't sue me because I'm a fan, and I'm POOR. For the rules...

1. It MUST be related to Turbatus in some way, or at least Harry Potter. Original characters are WELCOME here. If you want to base a story off of what happened in game, that's fine, as long as it's not a cut and paste of the log. There is no word limit, but PLEASE keep it less than 10,000 per entry. You can ALWAYS add to it as a separate entry.

2. Stories should be posted as a new entry, either with the story uploaded and the url linked to the entry or the story itself... but PLEASE use LJ-CUT tags if you do it this way. Comments/feedback can be either left as comments or e-mailed directly to the author. It doesn't have to be constructive criticism only, but please don't be rude.

3. Slash and het (to a POINT), as well as stories with no romance whatsoever, are welcomed. I will make no restrictions as to sexual content, but if you want the majority of your audience to read it, I do suggest keeping things under NC-17. PWP’s (plot-what-plot?) and pointless smut will, however, not be well received. If you want to write slash, that's fine, but PLEASE make a good pairing, and for the love of God, NO LUPIN X BLACK X SNAPE X DUMBLEDORE. There are plenty of Lupin x whatever-male-the-slash-author-can-think-of stories out there, this isn't the place for it. NO CANON STUDENT CHARACTER SLASH. Think of the ages most of the students are at, and consider that most kids that age are just CURIOUS, not outright gay. If an original character is gay or bi, that's FINE. DON'T PAIR THEM WITH A CANON. Flame me if you want, quite frankly, I'm putting my foot down on it.

4. Stories written by more than one author are fine.

5. Poetry is acceptable, but prose is much preferred.

6. NO CHARACTER DEATH. In fact, if you WANT to write about character death, and it's an original character, CONTACT THE ORIGINAL CREATOR of the original character. If it's a canon character, refer to the books. But otherwise, if you want to do something crippling, lifestyle-altering, life-changing, or something horrific to someone else's character, PLEASE contact the character's creator.

How to set up the subject line:
subject line-- DATE/ STORY TITLE/ AUTHOR
(ex. 8.17-8.24/Untitled/by keskesmas)
PLEASE put any warnings you have at the BEGINNING of the post, so that nobody has any excuse to read something they really don’t want to.

Remember, the point of this community is to have fun! Even if you don’t think that what you’ve written is very good, post it anyway. The best way to improve is to keep practicing. Also, there are some very good writers in residence here, and chances are that you’ll get some good critique.

Okay... welcome to the Turbatus fanfics community... you ready to have fun? And if you have any questions, email me (kestrelmas@yahoo.com)! ^_^

This community is maintained by Christine (Teenie, Kestrelmas) and Christine (Chris, Noa). ^_^ The rules were written by Teenie, so questions should probably go to her at kestrelmas@yahoo.com, though if you send anything to turbatushogwarts@hotmail.com, I, Noa, shall be sure to send it her way.

For the character journals, as well as updates on Turbatus Hogwarts, please visit our community journal at turbatus.