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Old Entries from OWLSFanfics



The first chunk of the (extremely terrifying) Jules x Deril fic. I'll finish this really soon, everything you need to know is in my blurb at the top. Review?

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Dan:1:40 pm - Living Memory

raven_knight Here's a little something I did yesterday Teenie told me I should post here... It's a fic about Lupin I'd been promising a few people for a while now, and it sort-of fits with the OWLS cast. Even though neither Nic nor his father exists here, the Rachessa in the fic is Nic's mother in OWLS. Anyway...


I hope my latest attempt at pleasurable reading turns goes over well!

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These are the only two entries with stories in them. Say good bye to OWLSFanfic.
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